Cupid to strike Vijay & Mandira in Saam Daam Dand Bhed

The newly launched channel Star Bharat has come up with an interesting line up of shows. Out of the many shows, Shakuntalam Telefilm’s Saam Daam Dand Bhed is one that caught eyeballs of many. The political drama which is said to be inspired by popular American series, House of Cards is receiving positive responses for its different concept.
In the last episode, the viewers got to see how Mandira’s (Sonal Vengurlekar) friend warns her not fall in love with Vijay (Bhanu Uday) because of a risk involved (the ‘risk’ that will be unfurled in the show later). And then, there’s some mystery behind Mandira’s character which will be unveiled in the future episodes. has some exclusive scoop on what will happen in the show.
According to a source, “Vijay will start wooing Mandira. Mandira on the other hand will take her friend’s advice and she will reprimand him and ask him to stop following her. “Vijay is a character who has a lot of self-respect. After Mandira asks him to stay away from her, Vijay stops persuading her. He would be grief stricken.”
The story just doesn’t end there. The source further added, “the love chase would continue. Mandira will later on witness Vijay helping the street kids. This would melt Mandira’s heart and then she will fall for him instantly.”
Mandira will pay no heed to what the dissidents speak of Vijay. Her feelings for him will become fervid enough to be unaffected by whatever will happen in the future. Says the source, “Mandira won’t care about the future of Vijay and her.”
Mandira will apologise to Vijay for everything.
This will mark the beginning of the love story in the political drama. Saam Daam Dand Bhed will then unfurl a high voltage romance drama after the lead pair fall in love.


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