Dhairya and Santoshi get ‘DIVORCED’ in Santoshi Maa!

Major courtroom drama ahead…

Losing a child is one of the worst feelings for a mother. We have seen this in many fictional tales earlier too. Speaking about the recent happening in Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke, it is most definitely saddening for Sonakshi to find out that leave alone the lie about her pregnancy that Dev told her, she can as well never conceive!

And TV’s Santoshi Maa highlights one of the many brunts a woman has to bear just because of a woman’s inability to conceive.

After a lot of belief, Santoshi finally conceived but alas, she had a miscarriage. Santoshi has mentally broken down and for now, all she craves for is the support of her loved ones, specially Dhairya. But things aren’t going as expected!

Dhairya will soon send divorce papers to Santoshi. While her family refuses to accept those papers, the storyline will soon play out a courtroom drama where Dhairya will be fighting to prove that his reason for seeking a divorce are justified while Santoshi will be seen defending his opinions and accusations.


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