Getting a Ganpati idol at home has become a fashion: Angad Hasija

While everyone is enjoying the Ganpati festival this year, actor Angad Hasija says that it’s important to understand its significance as well. The actor, who is currently part of the show, Waaris, says that he has stopped keeping an idol of Ganpati at his place since the last two years.
“Ganpati is very important for me and every year I used to celebrate and welcome Ganesh Ji. I used to follow all rituals and would prepare and decorate my entire house. But nowadays, bringing a Ganpati idol at home has become a fashion, that is what I feel. Instead of all the pomp and show, we should utilize this money to help poor people or people in the hospital,” he says.
Not only this, Visarjan is another reason why Angad refrains from this. “I get depressed during the Visarjan because of the way we welcome Ganesh Ji, do puja and be part of the joyous celebrations. I love eco-friendly Ganpati idols because then we can do the Visarjan in plants,” he adds.
Angad is an ardent believer of Ganpati. “I believe in Ganpati a lot. I feel his presence and when I talk to him, I sense someone is listening,” he says, adding, “I believe in the power of faith in God and that is why I feel like I should help the needy or do something good in his name, which will get added to my karma.”
The actor says that religion has always been important for him. “From childhood, I have prayed to Ganpati Bappa. I am very religious. I follow all rituals during every festival. I think this life is god’s gift. That’s why I think whatever I do, I should make sure that I am not hurting anyone,” he signs off.


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