Gomukh loses his ‘Lucky Charm’ in Chidiya Ghar!

When superstitions take over…

Sony Sab’s Chidiyaghar which is always highlighting an underlying moral responsibility will be showcasing an interesting plot this week.

The wise Babuji preaches that whatever happens in life, happens for the best. However, superstition gets the better of Gomukh, played by Sumit Arora, when he accidentally loses a piece of clothing which he believed was his lucky charm. Gomukh constantly finds himself in difficult situations even when his intentions were never to cause any harm.

While returning from school, carrying a briefcase with the upcoming exam question papers, Gomukh finds himself in the middle of a fight between two goons. He never intended to interfere, but when he did, he ended up losing the briefcase. He also gets beaten up badly by the goons and was hospitalized.

The school principal gets furious when he hears about the incident and believes that Gomukh has done this intentionally to leak the exam papers.

Gomukh tries to explain to the family, but figures it’s too late and flees from the hospital in the fear of getting arrested.

Speaking about the track, Sumit Arora said, “In life, many such difficult situations arise before you when things don’t go according to your plan. But we tend to forget that only when we experience difficulties, will we really be able to cherish the happy times. This week’s track will highlight this fact.”

Will Gomukh find the suitcase? Or get arrested for leaking the exam papers?


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