Irrfan and Shilpa take a strong stand on the emotional abuse of women!

The super talented kids on Super Dance Chapter 2 constantly raise the bar with their phenomenal performance every week. However, apart from their dance skills, these kids also possess qualities that sometimes shock and surprise everyone. One such contestant is Akash Thapa, who is lovingly called ‘Naughty Thapa’ on the show because of his mischievous behavior and his biggest target is his sister Varsha Thapa who he loves irritating and never leaves an opportunity to trouble.
In the next episode, viewers will get to see a different side of the kid contestant and the reason behind his mischievous personality. After his performance, Anurag Basu turned towards his mother to talk about his antics at home to which his mother reveals the real reason why Akash does a lot of mischiefs. Akash’s sister, Varsha Thapa actually lost her fiancé in an unfortunate accident 17 days after engagement which left her devastated and broken. To an extent she shut herself in the house and started living in isolation because the society started blaming her for her fiancés death. However, to deviate her mind from the unfortunate incident and bring a smile on her face, Akash indulges in innocent sibling rivalry!
When the judges realized the actual reason, they were visibly shocked but moved with Akash Thapa’s maturity at an innocent age. Irrfan Khan who was invited as a guest on the show gives a piece of mind to Varsha, “People will keep talking, their job is to talk but, your life is big and you have to live it but not as per what and how people tell you to. You can only value their advice to an extent but no so much that you end up blaming yourself. I request you to ignore people who talk negative.”
Shilpa Shetty Kundra added, “Life and death is solely in the hands of God and ignore the people who have blind faith.”


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