Kamal Narayan ‘SHOOTS’ Kasturi in Udaan!

Chakor’s mother to die?

The upcoming episode of popular Colors show Udaan will turn into an action packed episode with Kamal Narayan aka Bhaiyaji shooting Chakor’s mother!

It is seen that Kamal Narayan kidnaps Suraj and challenges Chakor to find him if she wants to see him alive. Chakor outsmarts him and cleverly makes plans of sending Suraj to Dubai, out of Kamal Narayan’s reach!

Kamal Narayan will coax Chakor to give details of Suraj but all his attempts would go in vain. He will then tie Chakor’s parents and beat them in front of Chakor so that she opens up on the matter. But Chakor, as we know, is a very determined person and hence she refuses to mouth any details. This irks Kamal Narayan, and to scare Chakor further, his atrocities would make him do the worst of what Chakor expected.

He will shoot Chakor’s mother!

Unbelievable? Read on…

Kamal Narayan will shoot Kasturi on her arm thereby shocking Chakor. No daughter would like to see her mother die because of anyone in the world and Chakor does so.

She will quickly agree to give away all the details to Kamal Narayan. As per media reports, Tejaswini will reach the spot of the incident and will help Chakor to release her parents by which she will also safeguard her son.

Chakor will further be seen in a great dilemma with Suraj on one side and her parents on the other…


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