Kappi to turn chimpanzee in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar

SABTV’s popular rib-tickling drama Chidiya Ghar has always been in news for its great star cast and unique storyline.
The Garima Productions’ show will have their next track revolving around Kappi (Saraansh Verma) and Chuhiya (Trishikha Ashish Tripathi).
According to the plot, “Chuhiya’s uncle Chhachundar Prasad who is a scientist will visit Chidiya Ghar. He would tell everyone that he is doing an experiment on chimpanzees that have a bad hair fall issue. Hence, for the experiment he would need a human. Chuhiya will suggest Kappi’s name for it. After the tests, hair would grow all over his body and he will look like a chimpanzee and what’s more, he will also start behaving like one. Everyone in the house would become tensed and will ask the scientist to reverse the effect. He will try another injection but would fail in it.
On the other hand, Chhachundar Prasad will be happy with his experiment and would want to take Kappi to America with him to show his experiment to others.
Later, Kappi after transforming into a chimpanzee will slap Chopra’s wife in a kitty party. The furious Chopra will call up the animal welfare representatives who would take him along with them. The animal welfare people will plan to sell Kappi to the South Africans in exchange of a hefty sum.
How will Kappi come out of this situation?


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