Meghna and Nandkishore lock horns over Khayti’s wedding in ‘Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan’

Who do you think will win?

Colors’ Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan currently focuses on how Nandkishore is trying really hard to make Kunal and Meghna’s (Sangeita Chauhaan) life miserable at every step.
On the other hand, Nandkishore has shifted his focus to finding the perfect alliance for his daughter, Khyati (Aashika Bhatia) but she is in love with Meghna and Naina’s cousin brother, Vishal.
Nandkishore objects Khyati’s choice for the obvious reason (he is Meghna’s brother), but soon a twist will follow in the form of Meghna learning about Vishal’s affair with Khyati. Meghna will then challenge Nandkishore that she will get the two love birds married.
Do you think Meghna will succeed or will Nandkishore’s evil plan prevail again?


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