Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary make it OFFICIAL!

Rumour mills have been working overtime with this pair.

Prince Narula’s ‘love’ for Yuvika Chaudhary during the duo’s stint in Bigg Boss 9, was well known to all. After Yuvika exited the house, Prince fell for wildcard contestant Nora Fatehi, but that boat too failed to stay afloat.

Prince and Yuvika, became great friends outside the Bigg Boss House and were frequently seen painting the town red with their snaps and endeavors.

Yuvika recently gifted Prince two sweet pups which lead to rumors of the duo dating, ignite again. But the couple have always denied these rumors.

But Prince’s recent instagram post says otherwise. Look for yourself.

And we say that the female in the picture is Yuvika. We say so with such conviction because… Look below.

Well, now that we have gotten a peek at the cat in the bag, shouldn’t Prince and Yuvika let it out?



  1. Alina Reply

    Hii dii.. No news about EDKV2 ..u know there is 2 famous dialogue of Sony TV To fandom
    First Dialog

  2. Ardent Reply

    Your superb, nice prescap

  3. aarya Reply

    Bella & Alice … 😆
    Not again….

  4. aarya Reply

    Link to post hi nhi hota yahan 😐

    Who will complaint to DTB

  5. aaर्या Reply

    Junior G

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