Revealed: Identity of Rishabh’s real mother in Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas

Zee TV’s Brahmarakshas (Balaji Telefilms) will see a huge twist in the tale, with few big revelations happening!!
We had earlier reported about the entry of actress Komal Sharma, the old rival of Mohini (Rakshanda Khan).
We now hear of Sudha, the character played by Komal being the real mother of Rishabh (Aham Sharma).
Yes, this hidden truth will certainly baffle the audience!!
Also, in the coming episodes, Naina (Ojaswi Oberoi) will be kidnapped by Mohini, as she will get to know of Mohini’s evil acts.
As per sources, “For years, Sudha, the real mother of Rishabh would have been kept captive by Mohini in a dungeon. Naina will be brought to the same place, and this will be when Naina and the audience will come face to face with the fact that Sudha is actually the real mother of Rishabh.”
Will this truth reach Rishabh? Will Naina be able to save Sudha?
We buzzed the actors, but they were busy with their shoot.


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