#Stylebuzz: Helly Shah shares her favorite shopping destinations.

As she plays the Style Rapid Fire.

All thanks to her charming girl-next-door looks and her super-hit television show Swaragini, Helly Shah has become a household name at a very tender age. While the young actress is always seen in traditional Indian attire, it will be fun to know where she shops her personal wardrobe from. Let’s see what she has to say on our super fun Style Rapid fire.

Scroll down and read on. You may even get to see her play the game…

Where will you buy the following items from?

Trendy Handbag – Gucci, Lavie, Caprese, Channel bags!!
Your Makeup – Compact and lipsticks from MAC. I prefer Derma for foundation because it is long lasting; perfect for actors.

Clothes – I’m very picky about my clothes. I like Zara jeans and Mango collection.
Accessories – Aldo and Accessorize for accessories.

An Evening Gown – Not much into brands. I prefer getting a design of my choice custom made by a fashion designer.
One of your favorite – “Most Priced Possession” that you would want to pass on to your next generation?
My hair accessories for sure!

A Body Art that you regret?
No body art for me. Although I have in the past got tempted but wasn’t sure about getting something tattooed on my body.

Do you own a Lucky Charm?
I don’t have a lucky charm. But what I do share is affection for the numbers 3, 7 and 2. There is some charm in them that makes them lucky for me.
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