Thakur’s infirmity worsens, Sarada gets educated in Jagat Janani

The coming episodes of Aakash Aath’s Jagat Janani Maa Sarada will showcase some important chapters from the lives of Sri Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi.
Loyal audience of the period drama must have seen in the earlier episode that Dr. Mahendralal Sarkar had opined that Thakur (Suman Kundu) is suffering from throat cancer, advanced stage. He had also mentioned that no remedy has been invented so far to cure this fatal disease.
Now, according to our source, in the coming episodes of the daily, Naren (Debanjan Chatterjee) will decide to stay at Shyampukur along with other disciples so that he can personally take care of Thakur. And according to the doctor’s advice, Niranjan will stand as the guard to Thakur’s entrance so that he does not speak much.
During this period of separation from Thakur, Sarada (Arpita Mondol) will learn to read and write from a neighbour girl and soon she will be able to read Ramayana.
On the other hand, as days pass by, the condition of Thakur will be such that he would require more care in terms medication and proper diet. So, Naren will decide to discuss this matter with Thakur.
Now, will Sarada decide to come to Shyampukur?
Well, yes and the news about her arriving at Shyampukur will make everyone happy.
Get ready, to watch these important chapters in the coming days and stay hooked to this space for more updates.


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