Wedding drama in Colors Bangla’s Kajalata

A lot of drama is already going on in the ongoing episodes of Colors Bangla’s Kajalata and now gear up for more!
Well, the Raj Chakraborty Production will unfold some interesting twists in the upcoming episodes.
According to a reliable source, Soumya (Kunal Banerjee) will meet Kajal (Anwesha Hazra) and tell her that the marriage will not happen if she doesn’t want it. And here the interesting part is Lata (Debchandrima Singha Roy) will tell Soumya that Kajal loves him.
Next, Soumya and his family will come for paka dekha (a Bengali ceremony organized before the wedding).
The twist of the story is Lata, who earlier told Soumya that Kajal loves him, will be furious to see the bonding between Soumya and Kajal.
The bigger twist is Kajal and Soumya’s horoscopes will match majestically.
Now guess what?
Abir and Lata will hatch a plan to disgrace Kajal in front of everyone.
So, will their plan succeed?
We tried to connect with the actors for a comment but could not reach.
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